Offensive security services 

Security is a complex and dynamic issue, and most companies lack the time, knowledge and capabilities to manage it effectively. At Beyond Binary, we help companies of all shapes and sizes to realistically assess their security stance, and guide them in responding appropriately to weak spots. Over time, our partners better understand the nature of the technology landscape, improve their defensive capability, and correctly identify the elements of their security strategy that need attention.

Full attack simulation

This comprehensive service taps into technical, physical and social channels, and will give the most accurate assessment of a company’s ability to defend itself. We deploy a range of appropriate techniques against the company, using both public and customised tools, in order to measure its readiness for real-world attack.

Partial attack simulation

Undertaking a partial attack simulation allows us to assess a company’s security position within constrained parameters. Limitations may be placed on a range of targets. This tailored service is available in ongoing or time-locked formats.

Offensive security training and defence drills

Companies that have a security ‘blue team’ in place are advised to periodically engage in offensive training and defence drills. This ensures the team remains up to date with security developments, and helps them verify that the company’s systems are configured and functioning correctly. Beyond Binary is able to work with blue teams to simulate a range of compromise scenarios in a controlled setting. This allows team members to note the indicators of attack, validate the SIEM (Security Information & Event Management) configuration, and refine their ability to shut down an active intrusion.

Remediation guidance

Beyond Binary does not provide remediation services. We believe this is in direct conflict with the provision of offensive security services. Where indicated, Beyond Binary will aid in sourcing an appropriate service provider/s for the remediation phase. By remaining impartial, we can objectively assess any remediation attempts, and continue to work with you in a realistic and unbiased manner.

Advisories & news 

10 March 2015

Opinion: Seagate's Analysis is Incorrect

On March 1st 2015 Beyond Binary went public with an advisory that disclosed 0day flaws in Seagate Business Storage 2-Bay NAS devices. Days later, Seagate responded to the advisory through a number of channels:

  • A direct email to Beyond Binary...
4 February 2015

Advisory: TeamCity Account Creation

TeamCity is a multi-platform continuous integration and build server product created by JetBrains. It is used by many development organisations to automate the build and deployment of software solutions as part of the development process. TeamCity is a very popular product and hence the number of installations, both public and private, is quite high.

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