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Beyond Binary helps companies take responsibility for securing their systems and networks in a time when technology moves faster than even the most vigilant businesses can keep pace with. Companies are ultimately responsible for protecting their own data and the personal information of customers, and mismanagement of this critical area can have a crippling impact on business.

Under the direction of OJ Reeves, the team at Beyond Binary combine strong engineering experience with offensive security capabilities to deliver a unique set of attack simulation services. We partner with new and established companies of all sizes and from a diverse array of industries. When talking about security, there are no limits on a company’s scale of operation or maturity. Companies can not assume that being secure at a single point in time implies future security as the interaction of people and technology is unpredictable, and the playing field is always shifting.

Our team have been involved in the delivery of a wide range of security services, including penetration testing, red team engagements and attack simulations. What really differentiates us though is our extensive background in software engineering, the production of large and complex systems, and the maintenance and support of systems after deployment. Our offensive security work leverages this background knowledge to gain deep insights into the architecture and intricacies of systems, and how an attacker might exploit them. In short, we can see things from the perspective of both the builder and the breaker.

For an in depth look at the work we do, please see our service offerings or contact us directly.

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Advisories & news 

10 March 2015

Opinion: Seagate's Analysis is Incorrect

On March 1st 2015 Beyond Binary went public with an advisory that disclosed 0day flaws in Seagate Business Storage 2-Bay NAS devices. Days later, Seagate responded to the advisory through a number of channels:

  • A direct email to Beyond Binary...
4 February 2015

Advisory: TeamCity Account Creation

TeamCity is a multi-platform continuous integration and build server product created by JetBrains. It is used by many development organisations to automate the build and deployment of software solutions as part of the development process. TeamCity is a very popular product and hence the number of installations, both public and private, is quite high.

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