Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Attackers already know your weaknesses. Do you? Let us be your enemy.

Beyond Binary helps organisations to prepare themselves for real world threats in a safe and minimally disruptive way. Our attack simulation services provide a means of properly evaluating security, thereby bolstering the defensive capabilities of businesses.

Attack simulation is the best way to properly evaluate your security posture. Demonstration of exploitation and data exfiltration not only helps the business understand the risks, it helps prioritise change within the organisation.

More and more organisations are being compromised, and data breaches and business closures are becoming daily news items. What would happen to your business if it became the next target? Let us help you find out.

Is your level of maturity above average? Does your blue team already have the tools and techniques in place to help detect and prevent attacks? We can help your defenders stay sharp, just ask us about our Offensive Security Drills service.

Security is an organisational concern; one that encompasses technical, social and physical aspects of the business. Our Attack Simulation Subscription service is designed to keep each of these aspects up to date by testing them on a regular basis.


Offensive security services 

Security is a complex and dynamic issue, and most companies lack the time, knowledge and capabilities to manage it effectively. At Beyond Binary, we help companies of all shapes and sizes to realistically assess their security stance, and guide them in responding appropriately to weak spots.

Over time, our partners better understand the nature of the technology landscape, improve their defensive capability, and correctly identify the elements of their security strategy that need attention.

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Advisories & news 

15 March 2018

TTP: Domain Fronting with Metasploit and Meterpreter

Though it isn't widely known, support for Domain Fronting was added to Metasploit and Meterpreter by OJ Reeves in late 2017. Part of the reason that it's not common knowledge is the lack of documentation or discussion around how to use it. As a result, we decided to create this post so that users of Metasploit have a decent guide on how to configure and use Domain Fronting over HTTPS with a legitimate certificate.

01 August 2017

TTP: Bypassing Symantec Email (MessageLabs)

During a recent Attack Simulation against a high-profile client, Beyond Binary faced off against Symantec Email (formerly MessageLabs) whilst conducting a variety of phishing campaigns. This was not the first time we had come up against cloud-based email security services, however our usual approaches to bypassing them didn't yield any fruit.

10 March 2015

Opinion: Seagate's Analysis is Incorrect

On March 1st 2015 Beyond Binary went public with an advisory that disclosed 0day flaws in Seagate Business Storage 2-Bay NAS devices. Days later, Seagate responded to the advisory through a number of channels:

  • A direct email to Beyond Binary...

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